“Impression” reissue -news from the plant

Sorry for those who think it might be part of a well-thought and Machiavellian marketing/buzz plot-I’m not delaying the 12″ on purpose. Just dealing with usual production delays when it comes to putting vinyl out, no big deal. Test presses were received and sound crisp!

Regarding an actual release date, “Impression” should hit distributors some time around May 10th – 15th. Spread the word!

In the meantime, I’ll try to fill the void by wrapping up the Quest For Zen Bow saga on the blog, and various other posts and interviews. Stay tuned, and be brave : it’s coming!

4 Responses to ““Impression” reissue -news from the plant”

  1. Robbie Says:


  2. mooch Says:

    Whos distribu ting in New Zealand? quite the adventure for this tune to re-birth… did you see wax poetics article? sept/oct2010… good work

    • sebcarayol Says:

      Hey Mooch
      Nobody specific yet for distro in NZ… but I’m open to suggestions for sure! Feel free to email me. As for the Wax Poetics article yes I read it… ’cause i wrote it, ha!

  3. mooch Says:

    Ah you wrote it!- that makes sens…

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