The quest for Zen Bow -part III

Part III of the adventure that led to Zen Bow Impression‘s 12″ being reissued. A good way to sit on the usual pressing plant delay on this one… Right? 


… This kind of (non)conversation always takes a few days to shrug off. What to do now? A last internet search for the road with Zenbar’s name, just to bid the quest an official farewell, maybe? I took this one as some sort of grandiloquent gesture, the cyber equivalent to pouring that first gulp of alcohol on the floor when somebody passed away. Allright. Just for the sake of it.

And then… could it be? «Zenbar Bennett is now on Facebook,» my screen informed me. Pure luck. It had just happened in the very period since I had started looking for him. Why didn’t I « check him on Facebook instead of calling half of the world ? », as BAFer Edgar once wondered? Well, just cause there was a time, believe it or not, where Zen Bow was not on Facebook. Me neither, by the way. I had to make the biggest concession with my (very private) self, and promptly started an account -that bared for years just this one friend, on a side note.

Once friends added on both sides, Zenbar finally replied, and sent an email address to reach him on, and explain what I was in here for. The Zen Bow interview was on, after that unusually long, and oh-so frustrating so far, research process. It wasn’t the end of the story, though.

Instead of Zen Bow, a gentleman by the name of Linell Hilton, based in Connecticut, got in touch. Linell presented himself as Zenbar’s childhood friend. They went to the same school in Falmouth, Jamaica, were the typical childhood buddy duet. They migrated to the US on separate instances but never lost touch, and reunited in Connecticut when Zen Bow reached in the early ‘80s. Anything of importance that Zen’s ever needed advice for, he’s always asked Linell’s opinion –and vice-versa. In this case, Linell’s role was simple : trying to figure out if this was some kind of joke at best, scam at worst, that somebody was trying to play on his friend. They had all the reasons in the world to wonder, after all : 25 years after that obscure record you did, how in the world would some random guy from France have heard about it and even weirder, why would he contact you to do an interview about it?

Fast forward a few emails, I think I passed: soon enough, the Holy Grail materialized : Linell sent me Zen Bow’s current number in Atlanta, along with a very detailed biography he wrote of the two of them growing up (a next post on the blog, don’t fret). This time, I knew I had reached. Zenbar Bennett picked up, in his typical enthusiastic fashion : « Seb? So, that was true? Whaddup big man ? » The interview could start. Little did I know what it was going to lead to…

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