Zen Bow it is!

Collectors have been waiting for it. Some of them have paid up to $600 to get their hands on that very 12”. A strange frenzy, you migh think, as Impression features a singer whose entire recording career consists of three songs, on a never-heard-of label straight out of Connecticut -whose name was a tribute to Zen Bow’s first band’s lead singer, back in Jamaica. But collectors know.

They know that this might well be one of the heaviest roots reggae tunes to come out of the USA in the 1980s.

What made that 12’’ so desirable? First, that sound. ‘80s, huge, Simmons drum-driven -but not in a cheesy way, at all. Already heavy as lead, Impression’s instrumental only gets magnified by Zen Bow’s vocal treatment. The catchyness of this unusual and haunting keyboard line, the sharpness of its lyrics (commenting on the bad image all Jamaican immigrants got in his US town after a violent shootout), Zen Bow’s way to deliver this reality tune, sounding like a hybrid of Patrick Andy and perhaps a gimmick-less Eek A Mouse: it all converged. And the ensemble  confered to Impression this almost magical balance. Yes, Impression is THAT kind of tune.

More info to come… And in the meantime, feel free to spread the word!

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