It’s coming…

Our first reissue will be a very much sought-after 12″ produced in Hartford CT, USA in 1986. Any guesses?

10 Responses to “It’s coming…”

  1. j Says:

    it must be zen bow impression, nice!
    nice pictures btw

  2. Thibault Ehrengardt Says:

    Very interesting project… and a killa tune !

  3. faya shaka Says:

    big,killa one!
    long life to reel heavy music!

  4. Djamel Says:

    Strange. I’ve been running a record label “Heavy Reel Music” since 2010. Interesting project you’re about to undertake. Hope it doesn’t cause issue for either of us

    • sebcarayol Says:

      Hey Djamel !
      ah, damn, I thought i did my research properly! Initially I wanted to call the label “Reel Sound” or something along these lines, but the name was already taken by some post-production company. I just wanted something that stressed how anything I’ll do will come from reel tapes… As long as you’ve got no problem with it, I’m all good -thanks for being cool about it !

      • Djamel Says:

        I know how it is. Our motivation for naming the label was not too unlike your own, we’ve an Otari 5050 that regrettably, sits idle for the most part these days. Poor girl could do with a slight calibration and some general TLC. To be fair we’re not similar, genre-wise so I couldn’t imagine it causing any real issue. Good luck with the label. Could I be so cheeky as to ask for some of your releases as and when they come? Have always had a keen interest in roots/dub/reggae so it would be well received. Digital of course would be fine. Cheers! D

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